50 Ways to Use the TYG SCHLEPPER

  1. Schlep home a new piece of furniture
  2. Schlep mulch home
  3. Schlep items to your favorite charity
  4. Schlep livestock to sell
  5. Schlep home your new big screen TV
  6. Schlep your new lawnmower home
  7. Schlep your old lawnmower to repair shop
  8. Schlep household items to your storage unit
  9. Schlep household items to your house
  10. Schlep your Ikea furniture home
  11. Schlep bricks and sand home for your new patio
  12. Schlep trash to the dump
  13. Schlep your recycling to the recycle place
  14. Schlep new hay to your barn
  15. Fill the back with hay for a Schlepper hay ride
  16. Create a Schlepper parade float
  17. Schlep camping equipment to campsite
  18. Schlep scenery to the stage for your play
  19. Schlep supplies home for your new deck
  20. Schlep fencing supplies to enclose your yard
  21. Schlep items homes to remodel your kitchen
  22. Schlep home your dog’s new dog house
  23. Schlep landscape material to give your home more curb appeal
  24. Schlep a piece of furniture to your beach house
  25. Schlep home your Christmas tree
  26. Schlep your old Christmas tree to the wood chipper
  27. Schlep items to the consignment store
  28. Schlep home a new rain barrel
  29. Schlep signage around for your new business
  30. Schlep furniture to your child’s new apartment
  31. Schlep your baby dinosaur to the vet
  32. Schlep home your new baby’s furniture
  33. Schlep building supplies for your new shed
  34. Schlep an old piano home to restore
  35. Schlep rental supplies for a yard party
  36. Schlep home your new grill
  37. Schlep your new snow blower home
  38. Schlep your snow blower to the repair shop
  39. Schlep your new luggage for your trip around the world
  40. Schlep home your new pool table
  41. Schlep sports equipment to the game
  42. The TYG SCHLEPPER is a super sweet ride for your hot date if your car is in the shop
  43. Schlep band equipment to an event
  44. Schlep items home from the flea market
  45. Schlep your new chicken coop home
  46. Schlep lumber home for a new DIY project
  47. Schlep your bicycles to the bike trail
  48. Schlep the kegs to your bachelor party
  49. Schlep your mother-in-law’s things when she moves in
  50. The TYG SCHLEPPER is perfect when you’re wearing black and red and want your car for the day to match your outfit


verb \ˈshlep\

Simple Definition of SCHLEP

: to carry or pull (something) with difficulty: to drag or haul (something)

Full Definition of SCHLEP

schlepped also schlepped,
schlep·ping also shlep·ping

transitive verb: drag, haul